Friday, April 23, 2010

eFX Releases PCR Helmet

The company known as eFX Collectibles acquired the license to produce certain items that were being made by the now-defunct Master Replicas. While the Master Replicas Collectors Edition (MRCE) Stormtrooper helmet is still available though a number of online retailers, eFX is now releasing an Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back version that appears to be made from the same molds as the MRCE. The paint scheme is a bit different---most notably the black vs. gray frown---and the manufacturer is now calling this a Precision Cast Replica (PCR) made from injection-molded ABS (same as the MRCE).

Click here to pre-order from or here for $159.99 US. Both sites offer free shipping. They claim these will be a limited edition (as were the plentiful MRCEs) shipping in early July 2010.

Essentially what we're seeing is a $40 jump in price for the same helmet which still requires modifications to meet 501st standards, but at least this style of fairly-accurate TK helmet won't be in short supply.