Monday, September 24, 2007

Mrs. TK-899 Joins the 501st

After Celebration IV in Los Angeles, my wife began to entertain the idea of joining the 501st Legion. Like most people, she was intrigued by the camaraderie and philanthropy shared between like-minded Star Wars fans from around the world. After spending a week away from home for CIV, I was surprised that it was Dionne, not I, who was pushing for us to attend a long weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, for Dragon*Con. Of course, you can't attend Dragon*Con without a costume, and you can't join the 501st without a Star Wars costume...what a wonderful coincidence! We managed to get Dionne's female Tusken costume together the night before D*C and it debuted at the convention without any casualties. We submitted her application for membership in early September and just got confirmation of her official Legion ID number (4009) today! The significance of the number? She joined the Legion in the 9th month of her 40th year...shhhhhhh...don't let her know I posted that! Check out her 501st profile here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dean!

This is Neil from the DSG. Where did you get the female Tusken mask? We have several members out here who are doing tuskens and many of their spouses are getting in by doing a tusken as well. The topic of the female has come up, but so far no one has done one. I was wondering if you might have some info to pass along.


TK-899 said...

Hi Neil! Just e-mailed you the contact info for the mask as well as a link to the Female Tusken gallery.

Dion said...

Hey Neil,

Love your podcasts (with 501NEG)! I was wondering the same questions as Anonymous. My wife wants to do a female Tusken too and your wife's looks amazing. Any tips on where to get and what to do?

TK-899 said...

Neil or Dean? LOL Drop me an e-mail through for more Tusken female info.