Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MR LE Helmet Returns...in eFX Form

As reported by Rebelscum.com, the short-lived Limited Edition Master Replicas Stormtrooper helmet will once again be available through new licensee eFX Collectibles. When Master Replicas somewhat unexpectedly ended their Lucasfilm license to produce Star Wars items, they apparently short-changed quite a few collectors who had pre-ordered the helmets. eFX will be making good on some of those orders with an edition size of 500 new helmets, but with a new display stand and base. I assume this is a good thing if you were one of those who paid for product you never received, but honestly, you can get a better helmet for much less than $399 US through underground channels. What the true fans really want to see is an American release of the MR Collectors Edition Stormtrooper helmet which is a great alternative for the FX kit helmet at a budget-conscious price point of about $120 US. (If you do manage to get this helmet, here's a nice tutorial from the 501st UK Garrison for fine-tuning it.) You can click here to visit the eFX site and sign up for e-mail updates for future products. And be sure to visit starwarshelmets.com for a great review of the LE helmet (MR version).

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