Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Inspired Cannister Mod

Over the years, I've fielded many inquiries regarding armor-building. In fact, finding a distinct lack of helpful feedback from existing armor owners was one of the main reasons why I launched this website six years ago. While I enjoy the dispensing advice about all things armor, it's enormously satisfying when I receive thanks from fans who have completed their own costume. And it's even sweeter when said fans have gone that extra mile to share one of their own modifications. Such is the case with this thermal detonator/O2 cannister mod sent to me by Rick:

Your sites have been an invaluable resource for my first experience at building armor. I thought I would share a mod of my own that I’m really thrilled with.

Basically, it is a thermal detonator with threaded caps, perfect for storing keys, cash etc.

FX Armor Thermal Detonator Caps and Control Panel
Two 2” Threaded female to pipe fittings
Two 2” Threaded male to pipe fittings
2” PVC pipe cut to exactly 2.5”
Aluminum Tape
Two keychain belt clasps
Four rivets
Gorilla Glue

Glue the 2.5” section of 2” PVC in between the two male threaded fittings to join together. The threaded ends will face outwards. The 2” PVC makes a nice flush tube through the center.

Wrap the Aluminum Tape around the smooth end of each female threaded fitting.

Glue the FX armor cap over the open aluminum end of each female threaded fitting.

Bend open and flatten one end of each belt clasp. Leave the other end in its bent shape to attach to your belt. Drill two holes approx 1.5” apart on the flat end and then bend it into a curve to fit around the canister.

Attach the belt clips to the center portion of the canister by drilling the holes and securing with rivets.

Attach the control pad to the center section with industrial strength velcro.

Hope you guys can share this with other troopers out there. If I get some free time, I’ll build another one and take more detailed photos of the assembly.

I just completed my first set of armor and have had a great time building it.

Feel free to contact Rick for more details on this mod.

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