Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rubber Glove Upgrade

After years of reliable wear from my Nomex Hatch Flight Gloves (wow, the price has really gone up on these in the past 5 years!), I finally came across a pair of black rubber neoprene gloves this weekend in a size medium. At $6.99 US, I think they were a bit expensive for rubber gloves, but they are really nice with a 12-inch gauntlet (that tucks nicely beneath the forearm armor) and 100% cotton flock lining. I have noticed that the Hatch Flight Gloves, while comfortable and more breathable, tend to make manual tasks a little tricky. For example, it's difficult to pick up or separate trading cards from a stack because the cotton and leather are slippery. These new rubber gloves have a non-slip tire tread grip for improved dexterity. They also lack the obvious seams in the stitching of the Hatch gloves, therefore improving screen-accuracy. The exact gloves I purchased are Wells Lamont Men's Professional Neoprene SureGard gloves. Make sure you don't get the glossy "coated" ones or ones that are too long. Note: The flash from the camera washed out the color, but these are indeed a flat black.

TRIVIA: The trooper gloves worn in Episode IV: A New Hope were black rubber chemical gloves while the handback armor was stitched onto cloth gloves in Episodes V and VI.

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