Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Picture Them in Their Underwear

What do Stormtroopers wear beneath that shiny white armor? Even among the seasoned ranks of the 501st, that question makes for awkward discussion. Well, as an integral part of any trooper's wardrobe, I'm here to reveal my personal secret. First, let me explain that a black bodysuit is necessary to complete the proper look of a Stormtrooper where there are gaps between the armor. Second, I don't like to think that any troopers "go commando" beneath that bodysuit...not even if they are a Republic Commando. I've tried boxers, but they bunch up. I've tried briefs, but the cotton doesn't breathe well. I've tried boxer-briefs...the worst of both worlds. So, one day my wife and I were perusing a camping/outdoors shop and she recommended these Give-N-Go shorts that were supposedly made for high-energy outdoor activities. They are lightweight, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and very travel friendly in that you can hand-rinse and air dry in a matter of hours (this works out great for multi-day trooping events where you don't want to pack too much luggage or do laundry on vacation). These Ex Officio Give-N-Go shorts come in boxer or brief styles, and they even have some for the lady troopers. So, if you see me at an event, and my menacing skull-like frown makes you nervous, just picture me in my underwear. For more about the bodysuits worn over the underwear, click here and scroll down to Bodysuit.

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