Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Off the Shelf Stormtrooper Armor

My posts on various costuming message boards today began with "This is either the news we've been waiting for...or the news we've been fearing." You see, for over a decade, die-hard fans have been sculpting, forming and casting their own replica Stormtrooper armor in garages and basements around the world. And, frankly, we've gotten quite good at it. Scores of trooper experts spend countless hours debating over the minutiae of what constitutes a completely screen-accurate Stormtrooper. At a glance, we can tell you which Star Wars film a particular armor part comes from. It's a sickness. Well, now the corporate entity of Rubies Costume Company (who currently holds the license for Star Wars costumes) enters the scene with their $850 answer to every fan's desire to be a Stormtrooper. Although we grass-roots costumers hold no rights to the intellectual property of Lucasfilm, it kind of feels like someone just signed the deal to build a Super Wal-Mart next to our favorite Mom & Pop grocery, the difference being that the fan-made suits are much more accurate in appearance and generally less expensive. The jury will be out until we've actually seen and touched one of these Supreme Edition Stormtrooper costumes in person, but Rubies does not have a great track record for the discerning fans as witnessed in discussion threads like this one. Click here to take a look at what the costuming community is already calling a "craptastic" suit of armor.

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Anonymous said...

If the jury is still out, I am the jury.
My wife works as halloween buyer for a local party store and bought me this armor for my birthday. Her thought, love, and the geture cannot be denied, however the truth cannot be denied either. Here is the summary: The armor is made from durable, hard plastic but lacks sharp line and crisp details. It is actually mis-shapen in a couple of areas. It is not worn in the same manner as authentic armor and will need to be modified if you don't want straps to show. It does not come with a rear cannister or boots. Some shortcomings could be overlooked if the helmet passed the test. Unfortunately this failed miserably. It is a one-piece cast with no external extras(mic tips, rubber strips on brow and base) The mouth frown is way too steep and the face is indented too far on either side of the nose ridge. The bubble eyes are too oversized, are applied from the outside instead if inside, and protrude out so far all you can do is shake your head.
Bottom line is that this armor will never be accepted by any trooping or costuming group. The details along with the $900 price tag scream "stay away!"
Kids will think it is cool. But if you have been dreaming of owning authientic armor, this is not it!!!
Shame on whoever authorized this. How long have people been waiting for this? This is what we are supposed to accept? Has George Lucas seen this? Anyway, buy it if you want something, don't buy it if you want accuracy.