Monday, March 17, 2008

More Commercial Stormtrooper Armor Coming

I posted a while back about the Rubies Supreme Stormtrooper costume that's coming out later this year. Jez from got in touch with Rubies and acquired some better images of the promotional shot for curious fans. I'm still concerned that the material may not be of reliable "trooping quality" and that the "standard" size will mislead buyers into thinking that this is a ready-to-wear costume. Even if the quality is good, the wearer will need to customize and modify their armor to fit their body type unless you happen to be the exact height/weight/shape of the model that this costume was based upon. But enough about Rubies and their "Halloween" costumes...the bigger news is that a high-end collectible company known as Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios has also acquired the license to produce Stormtrooper armor (among other Star Wars costumes). This company seems to lean toward movie replicas that are meant more for display or for the discerning costumer who can afford to pay a higher price for a better product. No photos or price points have been revealed so far, but we are told to expect something at San Diego Comic-Con in late July. I am also arranging for a 501stCast interview with a representative from Museum Replicas to see if we can get answers to all the burning questions---including clarification on a statement that they have been working with the 501st to develop the armor. Meanwhile, here's a link the press release and an initial interview.

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Anonymous said...

Museum Replicas/Windlass Studios is not produceing Stormtrooper armor.

[posted Jan 2014.]

Rubies Co. is the only company in the USA that is doing it (besides fan made stuff), and there are two companies in the UK doing it. (But AA of SDS can not ship to the USA.)

- posted by Trying2